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quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2008

Seven Years in Tibet

"Dear Rolf Harrer, I am a person you don't know. A man you've never met...But you are someone who occupies my mind... and my heart... in this distant land where I've gone. If you can imagine a hidden place, tucked safely away from the world... concealed by walls of high, snow-capped mountains... A place rich with all the strange beauty of your nighttime dreams...Then you know where I am. In the country where I'm traveling - Tibet - people believe if they walk long distances to holy places it purifies the bad deeds they've committed...They believe the more difficult the journey, the greater the depth of purification. In this place where time stands still, it seems that everything is moving. Including me. I can't say I know where I'm going. Nor whether my bad deeds can be purified... there are so may things I've done which I regret. But when I come to a full stop, I hope you will understand that the distance between us is not as great as it seems... With deep affection, your father, Heinrich Harrer."
"A fresh cup of tea is poured for the loved one departing. It sits untouched, waiting for his return."
"The absolute simplicity. That's what I love. When you're climbing your mind is clear and free from all confusions. You have focus. And suddenly the light becomes sharper, the sounds are richer and you're filled with the deep, powerful presence of life."

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