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segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2008

Obrigada, Lena!

Lin Yutang – last words

There is a law of natural rhythm which governs our body from childhood and youth to old age and decay and death. There is a beauty in growing old gracefully. One of my most quoted remarks is what I said about the "Song of Autumn."

There comes a time in our lives, as nations and as individuals, when we are pervaded by the spirit of early autumn, in which green is mixed with gold and sadness is mixed with joy, and hope is mixed with reminiscence. There comes a time in our lives when the innocence of spring is a memory and the exuberance of summer a song whose echoes remain faintly in the air, when as we look out on life, the problem is not how to grow but how to live truly, not how to strive and labor but how to enjoy the precious moments we have, not how to squander our energy but how to conserve it in preparation for the coming winter. A sense of having arrived somewhere, of having settled and having found out what we want. A sense of having achieved something also, precious little compared with its past exuberance, but still something, like an autumn forest short of its summer glory, but retaining such of it as will endure.

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